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Gas Turbine Inspection Robot

7 Axe

This 7 axis robotic arm was designed and built by Nova Technology to visually inspect gas turbine components without disassembling the turbine.  The computer controlled arm performs complex multi-axis moves to position its two high resolution cameras through a 3/4" gap.

System Features:

  • 7 axis robotic arm

  • "Teach" and "Playback" modes for easy programming

  • Motion paths stored on computer hard drive 

  • Fits through 3/4" gap!!

  • PC based joystick controls all 7 axes, lights, and focus

  • Dual high resolution cameras.

  • Manual focus controls allow inspection of components 1/2" from the camera lens to infinity.

  • Adjustable lamp for precise lighting

  • VCR records video feed from inspection cameras

  • Video micrometer accurately measures defects

  •  Operates at temperatures up to 120°F

Software Features:

  • Easy to use Windows based control software

  • Simple one-touch controls to move to the next inspection point

  • Program stops at each inspection point and allows the operator to pan and tilt the cameras

  • Arm position is overlayed onto the video feed and recorded

  • Digital frame grabber

  • Manual overrides to control individual axes

  • Position based teach mode.

  • Store an unlimited number of motion paths on PC's hard drive.

  • Custom software available.

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