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New Product Development

We specialize in finding hardware solutions to the industry's most pressing and challenging technical issues. With over 30 years of experience designing and creating the most innovative tools in the industry, Nova has become a known commodity in the power generation services field.  We thrive on the creative process of creating out-of-the-box solutions for our clients.


Industrial Video

 Nova designs and builds custom video and remote imaging  packages to suit your specific inspection needs.  Our cameras, enclosures and custom-designed delivery systems have been used in the harshest environments - from high temperature combustion chambers to arctic conditions.


Bottom Drain Line Inspection

Nova has performed the overwhelming majority of the inspections of the BWR Bottom Head Drain Lines (RWCU).  Our pragmatic solutions and years of experience has made this once 'difficult' inspection of a critical small bore pipe routine.


Complete Robotics Technologies

Nova Technology is an all-in-one shop for the design, build and programming of advanced robotics. 

Our robotic tools contain high power miniature servo motors that perform sequential moves to position cameras, transducers, or measurement devices into limited-access and harsh environment remote locations.    We use the highest quality components to build control systems that are suitable for almost any application - servo motors, stepper motors,  brushless motors, or any combination -  with up to 16 or more axes. By carefully sizing components to their anticipated load, we build control systems that are extremely robust, versatile, and rugged enough to withstand field use but still contain interfaces that are simple to use, easy to clean, and reliable.


Superior Packaging

Nova eliminates shipping concerns for our clients by providing superior packaging and has extensive experience providing custom built cases and containers for transporting sensitive equipment around the world.

Motherboard Installation

On Site Training & Equipment Servicing

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the most hands-on customer service experience in the industry.  With full access to our dedicated team, our clients receive committed field service support, rapid response times and effective trouble-shooting.

Going the extra mile for our clients, Nova engineers often accompany a new product in the field on the first few deployments to assist clients in building exceptional training programs and the creation of procedures and guidelines that minimize future downtown and maximize profit. 

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