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Engineering Sketch

What We Strive For

Our Engineering Mission

We provide our clients with custom, professional and innovative technical solutions to their most pressing issues while always exceeding industry standards in quality, safety and efficacy.

Professional Services

Our talented team of engineers is behind everything we do at Nova Technology.  We take pride in our culture of innovation, which enables us to provide out of the box solutions to the most challenging technical problems.  Whether we’re undertaking new projects or working in new sectors, we adhere to the highest industry and safety standards, exceeding quality expectations in every sector we engage.


Richard Hatley


With over 30 years of engineering and management experience at Nova Technology Inc, Richard now leads the company towards its promising future.  From its strategic vision through every successful project deployment, Richard provides the hands-on leadership that is reflected in all of the challenges that Nova undertakes.


Sean McDonnell

General Manager

Sean McDonnell was appointed General Manager after 20 years as a Senior Engineer and Project Manager at Nova Technology. His efficient, detail-oriented and professional capabilities make him a huge asset to our team.


Peter McGrath

Senior Design Engineer

With 17 years of experience working on engineering projects within a wide range of sectors, Peter McGrath provides the design skills necessary to bring your project to life.

Our Team


Frank Applegate

Electrical Design & Build


Antonio Giannattasio

Design, Production & Build


Craig Wolf

Machining & Production


Nicholas Jankowski


Our Facility


Main Facility

Nova Technology is located in East Hanover NJ, minutes from Interstates 80, 287 and 280, and less than 25 miles from Newark International Airport and New York City.  Our 9,000 square foot building houses conference rooms, design offices, a full machine shop, an electronics lab, training areas, and a prototype testing facility.

During the development phase of a new project we build accurate mockups to assist in prototype design and operator interface.  The mockups are then used to thoroughly test robotics, qualify inspection tooling, train new operators and assist in writing technical documentation.


Flexible Use Area

Our 2,400 sq. ft. flexible-use area includes a BWR under vessel mockup, a generator core section and slot mockup, and a 5,000 gallon water tank for testing underwater vehicles, cameras, tooling and manipulators. Utilizing overhead cranes we can place full-scale mockups into the tank for underwater testing, camera resolution checking and advanced operator training.


Electronics Lab

Nova's electronics lab is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools that technicians use to quickly and accurately troubleshoot and repair the most complex digital circuits.  Prototype circuits can be designed, produced and tested before being incorporated into robotic systems.  After the circuit is fully tested and approved, a printed circuit board is fabricated at an off-site facility.  Multiple printed circuit boards can be easily and inexpensively mass produced while minimizing labor costs.


Machine Shop

Our in-house precision machine shop separates us from our competitors by allowing intimate involvement between production and engineering as well as full control of all aspects of product development.  

With on-site access to multiple CNC milling machines, lathes, grinders and a wide array of specialty tooling, our experienced machinists are able to quickly and accurately fabricate complex machine components for our engineering team, decreasing production time and increasing profitability.

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