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Metal Pipe

Non Destructive Testing

Preserving Equipment

FAC, IGSCC, MIC, RVI, UT, RT, PT … it’s all part of NDT, and Nova’s 30+ years of expertise in the field brings innovative solutions to the most difficult inspections.

FB Scanner

Fuel Barrel Scanner

This tool manipulates the customer supplied sensors over the the entire interior of a cylinder in order to detect microscopic flaws.  The tool carries 9 focused immersion transducers and is actuated using stepper motors.  The first FB Scanner was developed, built, tested, and delivered within two weeks to automate our customer's manual inspection of specialized fuel barrels.

Tiny Tim

Prototype Micro Manipulator

Only 10mm in diameter, this tool was developed in conjunction with a major university as part of a feasibility study in the use of miniaturized hydraulics for surgical applications.  The gripper's "wrist like" action and feedback allows the user extreme flexibility in a small package.

Mag Crawler

Magnetic Wheeled Crawler

​The Mag Crawler robotic inspection platform provides UT thickness measurements for piping in restricted or difficult to access zones. Complementing Nova’s fleet of remotely operated tools, the Mag Crawler keeps the operator safely away from environmental hazards.

  • 100’ Umbilical 

  • Carries UT probe for thickness measurements

  • Fits thru 6” Pipe Opening

  • Capable of 100 lbs. pull

Mini Fix

Miniature Ultrasonic Probe Fixture

​The Mini Fix tool delivers a specialized pitch catch UT probe with integrated couplant delivery in a very flat ¼” thick package. This tool is used to inspect turbine discs for cracks.

  • Flat UT probe

  • Fits in 1/4" gap

  • Custom ultrasonic transducer

  • Built in couplant delivery system

Mini UT Bugs

Miniature Ultrasonic Scanners

​Also called “UT on a stick,” these probes can be navigated through narrow openings and articulated around corners while providing a lateral scan length of up to 4”.  A knob at the handling end allows for precise position control of the angle beam transducer.

  • Only 12mm Diameter

  • Articulates to fit through openings/borescope ports

  • Angle Beam transducer

  • Single axis scanning

  • 4” Scan Length

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