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Making Downtime Count

We know that during outages every second counts, that's why Nova creates inspection equipment that functions quickly, accurately and reliably.



Heat Exchanger Cleaning Tool, Operated Remotely

This remote access cleaning tool is used to clean the interior of large heat exchangers.  Built to need fit through a hand hold of only 5" in diameter, HECTOR can be collapsed, inserted and then expanded. The tool is then remotely raised 12 feet where it can begin washing the tubes with commercially available high pressure water jets. On-board video provides an overview of the cleaning process in progress.



Bottom Drain Line Operator Navigated Excavation

Nova provided the design, fabrication and deployment of multiple custom-built technologies for BWR bottom drain line inspections to determine current conditions and establish wear rates.  The Bottom Drain Line program was developed in conjunction with EPRI and characterized Flow Accelerated Corrosion within Boiling Water Reactor bottom head drain lines.  Radiographic and remote ultrasonic tools and techniques were developed to accommodate specific plant needs and physical access.



Underwater Ultrasonic Inspection Tool

The Corespray system is a remotely operated, multi-axis tool developed for BWRs’ in-vessel core spray piping. The submersible design negates the need for refueling bridge support, and the unique inspection head design provides full 360° coverage while the clamping mount maintains a rock solid platform.

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